Safely and comfortably at 101%

Safely and comfortably at 101%

There is a dosimetric control 3 times a day
It is more a rule than a necessity, but it’s still you will pass the dosimetric control three times: 
- At lunchtime in the canteen of the Chernobyl NPP No. 19
- “Lelev” checkpoint, when leaving the 10-kilometer zone - 
“Dityatki” checkpoint, when leaving Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


Individual dosimeters and respirators for free.
In the morning after passport control, when crossing the border with the Chernobyl zone, you will receive an individual dosimeter storage device, with which you can determine the radiation dose you have accumulated at the end of the tour.
Every day, a person accumulates an average of 1 to 3 μSv, depending on the activity and place of residence
For example, when flying on an airplane at an altitude of 8500 km, a person receives a dose equal to 2 μSv / h, roughly calculating if we fly at this altitude for 2-3 hours, the dose accumulated by us will be in the vicinity of 5 μSv.
The accumulated dose of radiation for 1 day of the tour to the Chernobyl zone is 1.5 μSv - 3 μSv


Also, When it is a large wind we recommend using respirators, you can always take it from your guide.

There is a VIP class transport with air conditioner and DVD

It’s not just written words, as usual

We have our own fleet, every morning when leaving for the tour the vehicle pass a vehicle inspection, the driver is given  instruction and he pass over a medical examination, at least once a month all vehicles go by capital vehicle inspection. 

In group tours we use Mersedes Sprinter, the maximum landing is 17 people, usually it is 12- 15 people. In private tours we use Mersedes Vito (1-4 places), Mersedes Sprinter (15-19 places), Mersedes (30 places), Mersedes (45 places).