Chernobyl radiation continues to poison the world

Analyzing interesting facts about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, one often encounters information that in one way or another, radiation goes beyond the limits of the infected territory. Of course, the exclusion zone is under strict guard. However, the main conductor of radiation from the Chernobyl zone in this case is the Pripyat River.


The fact of the release of radioactive substances outside the 30-kilometer zone is confirmed: it is known that about 90% of radiation goes through the river, which subsequently flows into the Dnieper. In addition, more than once radioactive elements lifted up natural forest fires.


The fact remains that a technological disaster of the century has occurred and its results are catastrophic. And even though many have already forgotten about the danger posed by a nuclear power plant, the consequences are irreversible. All the same, what happened continues to affect human health, consciousness and life expectancy.