The Arch « Radar» or Russian Woodpecker

What do you know about the arch «Radar» which is located in Chernobyl?

Having read this text to the end you can find out what this object is, why was it created and why doesn’t it work now. You can find all the answers to these questions below...

So, let's begin ... If you are even a bit interested in the history of the huge arch in Chernobyl then you know that there are several versions of why was it built. Consider first the situation. The official version of why was it built in order to determine the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles. That is the arch of Radar could determine the launch of ballistic missiles in the early stages of the launch itself. This allowed time for urgent action and decisions. A total of three similar radars were constructed. One was experimental and two full-fledged: Arch 1 in the Nikolaev area, Arch 2 in Chernobyl therefore it is also called Chernobyl 2 and Arch 3 in the Far East of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

How does it really work? The transmitting antenna emits a signal that bounces off the ionosphere, makes a leap, and penetrates the horizon line, bouncing off the flying object, the signal bounces back and enters the receiving antenna and is processed in the communication centre and then he goes to the command post. So the people are working there they can determine...

The reason for the construction of such an object was that in the 60-80s, relations between the Soviet Union and the USA were not very good. On the territory of these great countries large-scale missile bases were built. The attack could happen at any moment. And the government of the USSR considered it necessary to build this secret facility which will help control any launches from the United States which will help urgently take security measures.

When the USA government found out about the facility it got a little scared. They began to blow the whole world that supposedly all the radar stations were interfering with all communication services, they supposedly jammed radio signals. Therefore they insultingly called our stations «Russian woodpecker». Due to this huge scandal has developed which has reached the diplomatic level, after which the USSR has sent the ship «Professor Zubov» with receivers in the USA, with the level of noise and data of the International Broadcasting Committee. It turns out that the data transmitted by our stations operating in band 5–30 MHz are not clogged. It was their PR campaign.

Who knows what would be with us, if these objects weren’t built scary to think…. Over 100 rocket launches have been detected throughout the operation of the station. So we can safely say, even though the station is not working today, but it has been able to benefit … The probability of finding out about the missile launch was 60%. But there have been cases where the station has given a false signal, it has appeared because there are tropospheric sunspots at sunset and sunrise, they are like rocket torches and appear suddenly, or for any other reason. There have been cases where a radar station in the United States has detected a mass launch of missiles from the Soviet Union in its direction, but the people working there realized in time that the signal was false and did not transmit it further. The same was true of the Soviet Union.

There was also such an option that the Arch of Radar station was created to interfere with the enemy’s communications due to the fact that on some radio waves one could hear a woodpecker knocking so the station also had another name” Russian Woodpecker”. But this theory of obstacles on the air was dispensed with at an early stage because the station’s monitoring and survey showed that the sound of the woodpecker was not so affected as much as Western.

There is a ZGRLS station in Chernobyl didn’t work at 100% its modernization was planned in November 1986, but due to the accident at the CAES in April 1986 the station stopped its work. In the future all the main units of the radar were transported to Komsomolsk-on-Amur because it is impossible to use an object that is in the exclusion zone.

Now you know some part of the life of this huge object in Chernobyl – ZGRLS. But that’s not all you can find out more history there on the spo, having seen with your own eyes this engineering building which is incredibly beautiful from whatever angle you look. 

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