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Even then something happens

A fungus that can cure cancer?

In the nuclear reactor of the Chernobyl AES scientists discovered a fungus that appeared there 5 years after the accident and still lives there. Scientists believe that this fungus can withstand even the most powerful doses of radiation. 
This fungus is proposed to be used to create a cure for radiation. Scientists were amazed by the vitality of this fungus and tried to find out how it survived. It turned out that the mushroom has unique properties not only to survive during irradiation, but also to feed on it. In the fungus was found a large amount of melanin pigment which is present in the human body. Melanin allowed the fungus to properly absorb radiation and convert radiation to chemical energy. Has there been a cure for radiation?

If scientists can make such a preparation, then it will be able to be used by people working at gas stations, aircraft pilots, NPP workers, as well as cancer patients.

The abnormally warm winter didn’t give sleeping the Сhernobyl animals.

The very warm winter has led to the fact that not only Carpathian bears can`t winter. Even in the north of Ukraine the wild animals don’t  sleep but they go for a walk in the woods although they have to sleep for a long time. This was coming from staffs of the Chernobyl radiation ecological biosphere reserve. They have known about that  it by watching the animal tracks.

-In  winter of 2019-2020 was so warm that wintering animals such as a badger and raccoon dog didn’t  fall asleep and  went for a walk freely around the reserve, experts say.

The hare stamped a trail in the snow the most. Now in the eared is the mating season. So in March the family of hares is already waiting for replenishment.


"Those people who Soviet-style operated the Chernobyl reactor were to blame for Chernobyl. People like [President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, nuclear physicist Anatoly] Aleksandrov and [member of the government commission for the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident Valery] Legasov were to blame," - he said.


“Aleksandrov made a bad comparison, saying that the reactor is as safe as the samovar on Red Square. The reactor should not have exploded, but they exploited it in a Soviet way: squeeze what you can,” added Alexander Lukashenko’s opponent.


He noted that he was well acquainted with the American system for monitoring reactors. “If there is talk about increasing the power by one percent, there is a large group of scientists who are investigating all the possible consequences. But we had people who decided to operate the reactor“ in a Soviet way. ”Gorbachev caused even greater harm in his speech on May 14, 1986 years when he reassured everyone, "said Shushkevich.


He also answered the question whether he watched the series "Chernobyl" from HBO. “I deliberately did not watch this series, because I was often invited to give lectures on what Chernobyl is. I did not specifically watch this film so as not to give in to emotional impressions. I still have a scientific understanding of what happened,” the politician explained.

In August, a record number of tourists visited Chernobyl

In August alone, more than 14 thousand tourists visited the exclusion zone. That is, this figure is five times greater compared to the first months of the year.


Since the beginning of 2019, a total of 74,671 tourists have visited Chernobyl. This was reported by the State Agency for Management of the Exclusion Zone.


In August 2019 alone, the area was visited by 14,416 people. Since the beginning of the year, this figure has increased fivefold: in January - February, no more than 3 thousand people visited the area per month, and starting in March, the number of tourists began to grow rapidly.


- the message says.


It should be noted that the flow of tourists began to grow rapidly after the release of the American TV series "Chernobyl".

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