Chernobyl NPP

Yanov railway station
the city of Chernobyl
Duga Radar
SSE Chernobyl
Summer camp
the village of Kopachi
Our transfer
the city of Pripyat

Videos Chernobyl NPP

Railway "Yanov"
The trumpeting angel of Chernobyl
Kindergarten in the village "Kopachi"
The third phase of Chernobyl
School number 3
"Doug" radar
Stella Chornobyl
Football stadium
River port Pripyat
Fire Station
Alley of the Dead Villages
Prison in Pripyat
Сooling pond
Monument "Prometheus"
The Red Forest
Museum of Robots and Technology
Chernobyl observation deck
Vise of Death or Radioactive Bucket
Amusement Park
Pool Azure

Chernobyl and Pripyat online tour

Go to the map above and take a walk along the streets of the dead city, right at home. ... Discover a new walk near the Ferris wheel, children's cars and other very interesting places.