To the Exclusion Zone on Sherps

To the Exclusion Zone on the Sherp: a drive tour on a unique all-terrain vehicle

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is a vivid example of how quickly nature restores where a person leaves. Especially when he leaves for a long time and not on his own. The result is an amazing symbiosis of natural and human. But it is not so easy to admire them.

When you book a Chernobyl tour, there is usually a clear, verified route. Yes, you will see all the famous and memorable places of the catastrophe and get a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions. But are you limited to this? Do you want to get off the beaten track? We have a great offer for you.

Riding an ATV Sherp in Chernobyl

An extreme all-terrain vehicle tour to the Chernobyl zone is an opportunity to see places where you would never have wandered during a standard excursion. It’s not just an all-terrain vehicle, Sherp – this is a real amphibian that can go over forest paths, lakes, swamps and locations where people have not been seen for a long time.

Riding a Sherp all-terrain vehicle in Chernobyl will give you real delight, because it is:

  • visiting places inaccessible on ordinary tourist routes;
  • freedom and the opportunity to feel like a pioneer, because our tour is free routes and a choice of any directions;
  • arrivals to the most interesting locations that can be provided only by an extreme tour on Sherp all-terrain vehicles to Pripyat;
  • a lot of adrenaline from riding one of the most all-terrain vehicles in the world with the ability to drive it;
  • the closest acquaintance with nature, which in 34 years has returned to its beginning form.

ATV tour in the Chernobyl Zone – TRIPS TO CHERNOBYL

Are you tired of routine and crave a strong emotional shock? Then the adrenaline tour on all-terrain vehicles in Chernobyl is just what you need.