147 top locations + HBO locations
The best locations for taking photos and videos, visiting all the infamous objects.

The Chernobyl Zone is beautiful, you cannot count all the locations that are worthy of the tourist’s attention, but each of them has its own fan, a tourist who wants to see this particular location …
In group tours, we tried to choose the locations with the maximum popularity, in private tours you have the opportunity to determine the list of your favorite locations yourself.

What you can see:

The abandoned village of Zalesye
– House of the doctor
– Shop
– Kindergarten
– House of Culture. It was built in 1959
– Abandoned houses

Chernobyl town
– Stella “Chernobyl” at the entrance to the town
– Memorial the Star of Wormwood
– The museum, which is located in the former cinema “Ukraine”. (paid entrance)
–  There are 162 plates with  names of evacuated settlements forever
–  The sculpture of  “Trumpeting Angel”
– The sculpture  of “Tamer of the bull”
– Monument to the partisan Pasha Osidach
– Officially, the last monument to Lenin in Ukraine
– The building of the Chernobyl club, wherein 1987 there was a trial of the perpetrators of the Chernobyl disaster
– The ChurchElias is the only regularly operating temple of the Chernobyl zone
–  The river port Chernobyl and sunken barges
–  The fire Station of Chernobyl
– The  memorial, which  dedicated to the first liquidators- “Those who saved the world”
–  The exhibition of machinery and robotics participating in the aftermath of the accident
– The former synagogue, under Soviet power, was a military enlistment office

Secret military object  “Duga-1” or Chernobyl-2
– Monumental antenna  “Duga-1”, 700 meters long. Low-frequency large antenna -150 meters high, high-frequency low is 90 meters
– Indoor technology corridor
– Command and computing center
– Training classes
– The civil part of the town: abandoned five-story houses, a health center, a kindergarten, a playground, school №3, a youth hostel, a hotel, a nightclub, a military store, a fire department, a bath, and laundry complex

Buried Village of Kopachy
– The kindergarten is one of the few surviving buildings
– Machine and tractor station in the village of Kopachy

The third phase of the ChNPP construction
– Storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel number 2
– Panoramic view of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
– The bypass channel
– Cooling towers – unfinished cooling towers intended for power units № 5 and № 6
– Unfinished power plant number 5
– Abandoned experimental fish farm
– Pond coolerChNPP
– Abandoned fire truck

– The monument to those who died during the Second World War, the only thing left of the flooded village of Nagortsy.

The Chernobyl nuclear power station
– Administratively household corps №1
–  The monument to Prometheus
– Panel “Peace dove  is carrying a peaceful atom”
–  The new mural on the wall of the machine room ” a look into the future”
–  The military fire department number 2
– Storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel number 1
– Arch. The new safe confinement covered 4 power units
– Visiting  to the nuclear power plant: administrative building, golden corridor, bomb shelter, control room — control unit, a block shield managment,the main circulating pumps,a memorial tablet to Valery Hodemchuk, the central hall,  the block control number 4 (new!)

Ghost town – Pripyat
– Stele at the entrance to the town of Pripyat
– The “Red forest”
– The bridge of death
– Medical unit number 126
– The infectious disease section
– Morgue
– The cafe – “Pripyat”
– Riverport
– Landing stage
– The yacht club of  Pripyat
– Harbor tapes
– The cinema “Prometheus”
– School of Music
– The Gorkom party (after the accident – enterprise “Complex”)
– The central square of the town of Pripyat
– The hotel “Polesie”
– Palace of Culture “Energetik”
– Agitation point of the Communist Party of the USSR
– The shopping center- restaurant, supermarket, hardware store
– The house for officials is the “White house”
– The shop “Rainbow”
– Amusement park – circuit, daisy, boats, ferries wheel
– The town stadium “Vanguard”
– The swimming pool “Lazurny”, which worked until 1998
– The police department
– Remains of cars near the police
– The fire station № 6
– Grab bucket (death bucket)
– “Jupiter” factory
– Radio-controlled Japanese bulldozer “Komatsu”
– Water purification and fluoridation station (active)
– The house of “Life Anniversary”
– BWC – combine household tinning
– Laundry of the Chernobyl NPP
– The bus station – “Pripyat”
-The kindergartens of Pripyat town
– Laboratory  (former kindergarten)
– Schools № 1-5
– Vocational school
– Children’s clinic with a pool
– Shops with mosaics on Lenin Ave.: “Spikelet”, “Meat, fish, vegetables”, “Stream”
– Book Shop
– Department store
– Sports complex

Other locations
–  The railway station “Yanov”.
– ISU-152
– The recreation center “Emerald”
– Pioneer camp “Fairytale” – the liquidators base after the accident
– Villages: Paryshev, Kupovatoe, Ilyintsy, Lubyanka, Korogod, Novoshepelichi, Zimovishche, Krasno, Mashevo
– Machine and tractor station of the village of Zimovishche
– The Church of the Archangel Michael in the village of Krasno
–  The secondary school in the village of Mashevo

Slavutich is the last atomic town of the USSR.
– The City of Liquidators
– The museum of the town of Slavutich and Chernobyl
– Communication with the Liquidators.

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147 top locations + HBO locations The best locations for taking photos and videos, visiting all the infamous objects. The Chernobyl Zone is beautiful, you cannot count all the locations that are worthy of the tourist’s attention, but each of them has its own fan, a tourist who wants to see this particular location … […]