Consequences of the Chernobyl disaster: find out the truth on an excursion to Pripyat

The Chernobyl disaster has become one of the ‘loudest’ man-made disasters in the history of mankind. Experts say that this was not the first atomic incident on the territory of the USSR, but the first tragedy, the consequences of which could not be hidden. On April 26, radiation entered the environment for a rather long time, because it was not possible to isolate the reactor core immediately. The total release of radioactive substances amounted to 380 million tons of curie, and the radiation cloud reached even distant countries of Europe.

Nota bene! Travel to the Zone is legal and safe today. If you want to see Pripyat, an excursion to this place will be the best solution for the weekend. Today the radiation background here does not exceed the average for Ukraine.

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Excursion to Pripyat: how many people were actually injured?

As a result of the accident, radioactive elements with very different decay periods got into the environment.

  1. Uranium-235 and uranium-238 are isotopes that can cause liver and kidney disease. The half-lives for them are 0.7 and 4.4 billion years, respectively. Fortunately, uranium is not very radioactive, so it poses little danger.
  2. Plutonium-238 and 239 are deposited in the skeleton and liver (they are dangerous only if they somehow enter the body and by inhalation).
  3. Iodine-141 – causes thyroid cancer. This problem affected 4 thousand victims. 15 of them died, and many had their thyroid glands cut out. Fortunately, iodine completely disintegrates in 80 days, so today it is no longer in the Zone.
  4. Cesium-137 (spread throughout the world after the accident). It is a gamma ray particle that can penetrate even concrete walls. The isotope accumulates in body tissues and leads to sarcoma, but it can be washed off from the skin surface even with plain water. It accumulates in soil and water, and also gets into plants and fungi. The half-life is 300 years.
  5. Tellurium-128. The radioactive element has a half-life of 2.2 septillion years (our universe is assumed to be 160 million times younger).
  6. Americium-241. The isotope is the result of the half-life of other elements, therefore, since the moment of the disaster, its concentration in the Exclusion Zone has increased 20 times. Americium 1 is found in soil and has a half-life of 400 years.
  7. Strontium-90. The element accumulates in bones and other tissues where calcium is usually found (nails, teeth).

The historical fact. On April 26, many Chernobyl victims fought their own war against radiation: adults drank milk with iodine diluted in it and gave children iodine tablets. People understood that a ‘race war’ had begun: if safe iodine entered the body on time, the thyroid gland would no longer ‘absorb’ the radioactive one.

Fortunately, in our time, a trip to Chernobyl is safe. Tourists are asked not to touch objects or eat in the fresh air, but the general radiation background of the location has long since returned to normal.

Pripyat and Chernobyl: excursions to… paradise without people

The Chernobyl disaster caused the evacuation of more than 100 thousand people. Some held out to the last, for example, all residents of the village of Kovshilovka simply refused to leave their homes. However, over time, the authorities still managed to find a common language with them. Another example is that one of the residents of the village of Chistogalovka, hid all the livestock in his own basement and remained to guard it. Apparently, his actions were dictated by fear of the actions of the authorities, because after the accident, pets were simply shot.

Consequences of the Chernobyl disaster

Today about 80 people live on the territory of the Zone – self-settlers and … tens of thousands of animals! After the accident, many animals near the reactor died due to high radiation pollution, after a while elks, wolves, foxes, bears, and even lynxes, Przewalski’s horses and bison bred on the contaminated territory. Scientists continue to study the local fauna and replenish it with new species of the Red Data Book species. Enthusiasts are happy to note that many animals themselves move here from the territory of Ukraine.

Chernobyl: a trip to the post-apocalyptic world

There is no doubt, the Chernobyl disaster claimed many lives and stole the health of hundreds of thousands of people, but every cloud has a silver lining. More than 30 years have passed, and many people have drawn important conclusions from what happened, and a biosphere reserve was created in Chernobyl, isolated from humans.

Today, everyone can visit the territory of exclusion and feel its unique atmosphere. People will not be able to live here for a long time, but this place still remains a part of our history and land. And by remembering it, we will prevent many more mistakes. You can always order excursions to Chernobyl at the best prices in our company.

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Safely and comfortably at 101% There is a dosimetric control 3 times a day It is more a rule than a necessity, but it’s still you will pass the dosimetric control three times: – At lunchtime in the canteen of the Chernobyl NPP No. 19 – “Lelev” checkpoint, when leaving the 10-kilometer zone – “Dityatki” […]


Before the accident, Chernobyl and Pripyat were the most advanced towns. In these townspeople lived and didn’t live in poverty but who knew that the human error could lead to such a catastrophe that would take so many lives and which would cause more than 115 thousand people to leave the place where they were born, where they […]


The loyalty Discount Program – 10% discount for a group of 3 people. If you book a one-day tour – small groups, and you three or more people, you automatically receive a discount – 10%. When booking a tour, the discount is calculated automatically. For a two-day tour – full immersion discount – 5% – […]


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